A guide to throwing the perfect baby shower

A guide to throwing the perfect baby shower

It's no secret that when spring showers arrive that the baby showers start flooding our calendar. If we are being honest, most of them start to look the same over time. So if you are hosting a shower for a sweet friend of yours, here are some of our favorite tips for throwing a unique, stylish, and simple shower that the momma-to-be in your life will adore!

Go All In On The Focal Point
A majority of the baby shower will be the opening gifts, so make sure to pay special attention to the area where the expecting mother will be sitting. This area also serves as a wonderful backdrop for photos with guests. In order to make it pop, we suggest the following items:

1. A stylish chair that reflects the theme of the shower (our theme could be described as pastel boho!).
2. A Rug to make a statement.
3. A seat for a friend to help the guest of honor take note of the gifts they receive.
4. Baskets beside the mother's chair to host all of the wrapping paper and bows. This keeps the area clean with little hassle!
5. Some details that make it shine. Place some balloons behind her, or have a calligrapher personalize a sign welcoming their young one into the world!

Tasty Treats

While the mother-to-be will have no problem staying entertained, don't forget about your guests. They deserve to be treated well! Go outside of of the normal baby shower foods such as mini cupcakes and a fruit bowl and give your ladies a snack that is just as classy as they are. An easy and practical way to feed guests (no matter how many) is to place cheeseboards on each table full of favorite cheeses, meats, fruits, and a french baguette. Your guests will appreciate that they were just as much of a priority as the new mom they came to support. Plus, we all know that hungry guests aren't the best guests, so keep them nice and full!

Delicate Touches

Now it's time to bring some dainty details. Sprinkle some stylish vases full of flowers that go along with the color scheme you envisioned (or keep it simple with a few bushels of baby's breath, which is both beautiful and cost effective). Next, find filler decor for the tables. Whether you choose to use candles or sprigs of greenery, make a statement! We loved how our wooden tealights served as an easy filler and went along with our natural boho vibe.

Soak It In

Now that you have accomplished all of the details that go into throwing the perfect shower, enjoy the moment! Take photos of your sweet friend opening gifts, talk with and thank the guests for coming to show their support. More importantly, sit back, and enjoy some fancy cheeses and meats. You did great!