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Tips for a successful school command center

Tips for a successful school command center

Here's to hoping that this year is different. No more backpacks laying around, calendar mishaps, lost homework, or missing school supplies. Here's to doing everything we can in our homes to make sure that this school year goes smoothly (and that our homes are still stylish, of course!). Why do we have such high hopes? Because we finally figured out everything you need for a successful school command center.

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Personalized Backpack Hooks

Whether you decide to have designated cubbies, marked pegs, or get creative by letting the kids choose from our animal themed hooks - a personalized backpack station is a must. Kids usually take pride in something that they can call their own, so the more fun you can make it the better!

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A Catch All Storage Basket

You never know what your kids will come home with, what kind of clothes the weather calls for (hats, mittens, gloves), or what they will want to stash away for safe keeping to bring to school the next day. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to have a storage basket right by the door so that they have a place for those things. In seasons when it's not getting a lot of attention, style the basket with a throw blanket to add a cozy factor to the space!

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A Central Area For Homework

This will be the heart of the command center. Kids can choose to take a seat and get their homework done on the spot, or just be confident that everything they need is in one area. Papers that need signed by the parents and returned to school can have a designated spot, as well as the family calendar that lists everyone's schedule for that week. It doesn't have to look like a big jumbled mess, choose a theme and go with it! We love how our brass office collection looks when styled with natural woven baskets that keep clutter stashed away.

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Some Homey Touches

The kids have been at school all day, so make them at home by making this space feel fun and cozy. Don't forget to throw in some decor! We styled the wall with a fun hanging alphabet chart, and the shelves and counter top with different colorful planters and succulents (that way the plants are easy to manage). Encourage learning by throwing in some book collections for the kids to choose from, which will fill your shelves rather nicely! Lastly, find a rug that they will love to sink their toes into as the perfect "welcome home". It will make the space feel both comfortable and inviting.

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